Who is maîtresse Anna ?

I am the proud owner and director of Petit Paris French Learning since 2016.

I grew up in a dual language environment being raised in France by my Polish Artist parents. Very soon, the benefits of my bilinguism allowed me to quicly learn other  languages such as English, Chinese, and Russian .

I graduaded with my first Masters in Teaching French as a foreign language and my second Masters in teaching Chinese as a second language. I accumulated various teaching experiences with different age grades in different countries : I was a private bilingual child care giver in China and Russia, a High School and Preschool teacher, and private French tutor for children aged 3 to 12 in the United States as well.

After experiencing teaching all age grades, I realized that early childhood education is what interests and amazes me the most ! Witnessing not only how effortlessly preschoolers and school age students aquires a second language but also how it helps them structure their mind in multitude of subject areas : math, social, readiness... is a blessing !