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French After School Program

"One language sets you in a corridor for life.
Two languages open every door along the way". Frank Smith
Becoming bilingual ... a few facts !

Did you know that there are more bilingual people in the world than there are monolingual people ?

According to the Associated Press, 66 % of the children in the world are raised to speak two languages — but only 6.3 percent of the children in the U.S. are.

Start now ! Research indicates the earlier, the better. From birth, infants are primed to learn language, they have the ability to hear and produce the sounds of a second language without any accent, but this ability begins to drop off as children get older.

That's why preschool is the perfect age for your children to start another language effortlessly ! 

Bilingualism has also been linked to many cognitive advantages. Bilingual children are better able to multitask and problem solve. 

They also perform better in school and tend to score higher on standardized tests.

Petit Paris wants to help you raise a bilingual child and get a big head start in life !

At Petit Paris, French language will be incorporated throughout the day, during circle time, snacks, and activities.

Theme based curriculum

This method of teaching links curriculum strands and capitalizes on children’s interests, creating a sense of purpose and community in the classroom.Thematic units greatly enhance learning because they integrate different intelligences and topics into a single lesson which mirrors how young children actually learn. I will integrate literacy, science, social studies, math, music, and art all around the theme through directed activities and  free play thanks to the various interest centers. 

That means that one week the theme is space, next week will be China or how does my body work, etc.   

It makes learning and teaching a lot of fun for the children...and myself !


Small group

Petit Paris is a quality learning environment that puts the student's need first. In order to offer the best quality teaching, the class size won't exceed 6 students at one time. Small group teaching will allow me to individualize instruction, provide meaningful and prompt feedback, and better evaluate stuent's progress.


Class times and tuition

5 – 8 years of age :

Monday afternoon 4 pm – 5 pm


Fall session :

September 13th - December 13th    $210 


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