In an age where Climate Change, Sustainability, and Green Living dominate global awareness, it is imperative to socialize our children with a concern for the environment.

Sociologists and social psychologists have dedicated years of research to what seems to be a basic...

 Petit Paris enjoyed a wonderful day Easter egg hunting at St. Clair Park in Greensburg! The kids took advantage of the warm day to search for some well-deserved chocolate and burn off their sugar rush with some unstructured play afterward.

Easter egg hunting proved to...

"I say po-tay-to, you say po-tah-to" ... on Skype !

The use of multimedia in classrooms in the modern world is unavoidable. It is pervasive in today’s educational settings, and some would say, necessary in order to cater to various learning styles. Many even surmise tha...

Personality Development

                The attributes of who we are, and could become, begin at an early age. Personality differences are easily observable when you walk into the average pre-school class. One girl insists on having every toy that other children have, a...

                Every once in awhile, I have a parent come into Petit Paris during particular parts of the day when the kids are working on an independent project and remark, “It’s like a library in here!” At first, I didn’t know if this was a criticism or a compliment...

What do a Beatle’s album and the Bible have in common ?

                   ….they both involve songs… and remembering songs for a lifetime!

                From the radio to iTunes, Greek mythology to the Bible, knowledge...

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November 13, 2016

October 1, 2016

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