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Language & Personalty : the things kids say..

Personality Development

The attributes of who we are, and could become, begin at an early age. Personality differences are easily observable when you walk into the average pre-school class. One girl insists on having every toy that other children have, a boy wants to make everything into a gun, a few children are best friends while another one wails about not being included…there are so many variations in personality that a pre-school should be a psychologist’s playground!

I am often enthralled by the things that kids say throughout the course of a day! Language plays an integral part in the forumulation and expression of a child's unique personality. At Petit Paris, we focus on speaking in both English and French as a path to developing a child's personality. With that in mind, we put together a lighthearted post for December to remind us all of how important it is to encourage our kids to speak and express themselves. There’s not enough context to provide backgrounds to all of the quotes I’ll include here, but some of them just don’t need it to be hilarious!

10 best kids' quotes !

No, I don’t want to have kids when I grow up,

they are so annoying.

That’s what my mom says!

No, I am not thankful for my brother,

he steals my toys all the time.

Maybe next year.

Little boy talking to his sister (Maddie ) :

You are the best Maddie I ever had !

​Miss Anna, can we get grub worms as pets ?

They are soooo cute !

I was good this year.

I know Santa will get me presents.

But my parents , I’m not sure.

I’m gonna talk to them.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton, because her hair is really pretty !

It’s true Miss Anna,

Cinderella loves McDonalds !

My brother said my butterfly looks like a

Chinese dog!

When I grow up,

I want to be a vegetarian.

No! Don’t throw your cookie in the the trash ! You can’t waste,

otherwise a kid in Africa

will die!!

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